How does it work if I want to rent all rooms of Regatta Inn for my event?

For a room block, Regatta Inn provides one of two options: a) block however many guest rooms you desire for a temporary time period with no accompanying room block contract. No discount will be provided for guest rooms and after the temporary block expires any unbooked rooms will reopen for public booking, or b) complete a room block contract which stipulates that all rooms for the designated night(s) will be blocked for your guests and your guests alone. This block will never expire. All guest rooms will be discounted by 10% for the designated one or two nights. Any rooms that go unbooked will be your financial responsibility upon checkout date. There is no deposit required for a room block contract as we collect first night deposit from your guests that book a room. The only deposit we collect from you is the first night deposit for any rooms you specifically want to pay for.