Aloooha!!!!! We’re back!!! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday festivities as safely as possible! We know Santa was very giving this year (especially with those awesome Regatta Inn Gift Cards). We here at The Regatta are elated begin preparations for the rest of the year and bringing forth some awesome new ideas that we can’t wait to share with you all!

We wanted to start off addressing what’s been on all of our minds: Covid-19. We know that we’re all so ready for this to pass and return to whatever normalcy we can soon but we’d like to also calm the waters as much as we can. We’ll continue our mask and social distancing mandates until further notice. We take pride in the cleanliness our staff and housekeeping maintain to insure the safety of both our staff and guests alike. We’ll continue individually wrapping and packaging all food items we make available for both happy hour and breakfast, making sure we keep our savory treats safe for all! We appreciate the patience you’ve all had with us and hope that together we can keep each other out of harm’s way this 2021!
Speaking of breakfast and happy hour, we’d love to highlight some new items we’ve been starting to implement into our daily services!
For breakfast, you’re all familiar with our muffins and variety of bagels and croissants we make available but now we’ve also begun adding different hot sandwiches to the menu! Here’s what you can be looking forward to:
•sausage, egg and cheese English muffins!
•bacon egg and cheese English muffins!
•BE&C burritos!
•Ham and cheese croissants!
•homemade scones!
(Meatless options are always available be sure to ask the staff & we’ll happily accommodate!)
For Happy Hour we’re also beginning to add new items as well!
•Chicken or Cheese quesadillas!
•chicken taquitos!
•Buffalo chicken sliders!
•homemade BBQ meatballs!
•chicken taquitos!
•bruschetta and pesto!
All amongst the exciting new items we’re preparing to feature for happy hour and breakfast to begin opening up our menu safely and responsibly for you all to enjoy!

Lastly I’d like to bring attention to one of the islands most anticipated events! Taste of Folly!
The annual festivities kick off January the 22nd and continue on until February the 7th! From oyster shucking competitions to vendor market hops and most local shops and restaurants participating in highlighting their culinary creations, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy! A link below for all interested in participating in the featured events! It’s a great time you definitely don’t want to miss!

That’s just a taste of what’s to come and how we’re starting off the New Year! January is a month to prepare and to get us off to a running start fpr the remainder of the year! We’re really excited and we hope to see you all very soon! Keep checking our monthly posts to see what new and exciting things we’re putting together and highlighting in or around Folly and The Regatta!