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Spring is just around the Corner!

Despite all of the crazy weather across the United States, Folly has actually had a very wonderful “winter.” The temperatures haven’t dipped below freezing except for a few nights and our days have been mild and sunny! A few days ago, I spoke to a guest who is coming to stay with us in March. She asked what the weather had been like and how the temperature in March is usually. While, I am no meteorologist I said to her “Oh its actually been pretty cold here these past few days, but by March its usually in the 60s or maybe even 70s during the days.”
To which she responded, “What is your opinion of cold?”
Me:”Well its been like in the 40s at night and the 50s during the days and been windy on the beach.”
Her:”Well it is 18 degrees up here today, so that sounds like great beach weather!” All I could ask was where she was calling from and she stated “Oh we are calling from Michigan!” So while we southerners do not know what 18 degrees feels like… it was another wonderful reminder of how beautiful Folly Beach is even during our “winter.” And the ground hog did predict and Early Spring just a few weeks ago, so we hope everyone gets a break from the snow storms soon. Just in case you haven’t considered a beach visit to Folly yet this year because you are waiting for the true “Summer Weather”… here are a few reasons Why February/ March is a perfect month to visit!

#1. The beach is way less crowded, less touristy, and you get to meet more true locals!

Folly Beach’s Peak Season Crowd

You won’t have to wait 30 minutes or more to dine at Rita’s or Taco Boy. You won’t have to fight to stake out your own personal space on the beach. You won’t have to relocate your blanket and chair after some family comes and places their tent, corn hole, and loud speaker right in front of your view. Yes, the water is still too chilly to enjoy without a wet suit (unless maybe you are also from Michigan) but kayaking is always a fun option to get on the water! And this brings up the next point…

#2. Its oyster season! Thanks to the cooler ocean temperatures you can indulge in some local Folly oysters. Whether you go for fried, steamed, or on the half shell you can find all 3 choices on Folly this time of year. And who doesn’t like a local brew, shucking some oysters and meeting new people? We suggest the $10 all you can eat Oyster Roasts and live music every Tuesday at Jack of Cups Saloon from 6-9 PM. Also just around the corner, the Washout does their oyster roast every Wednesday from 8-11 PM! But this will only continue till the end of the local oyster season and the waters will warm up before we know it!

#3. Street Festivals!
The Taste of Folly and FollyGras usually fall into the calendar in late January through early March. While the Taste of Folly has already passed for 2019, you have to check out or funky Folly version of Mardi Gras that the city puts on every year! The streets shut down for a parade, followed by live music, street vendors selling their art, jewelry etc, and lots of tasty food! The streets remain blocked
off until 5 PM or so which transforms Center Street into our version of Bourbon Street allowing everyone to drink in the streets and enjoy the festivities! So if we do not see you this time around, go ahead and plan for Mardi Gras 2020! You have to experience FollyGras at least once if not every year for the rest of your life.

#4. Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets!
Even on a colder morning or cloudier evening the sky produces amazing sights this time of year. Just as we lead up to the clock change and daylight savings … there are SO many break taking views to absorb out here. Whether you wake up early and walk out to the beach to watch the giant ball of fire rise up on the ocean in the east, or venture down to the County Park at the west end of the island to watch it drop back down…you better free up some space on your Iphone for amazing pictures. And some of the most spectacular ones are on cloudier days when the sky turns into a canvas painting of pink, reds, purples, blues and on and on …

So keep Folly in mind as a destination to check out before the Summer Season is upon us and the beach is packed when the kids get out of school. And we refer to younglings as well as College age children. They can be equally as loud and disruptive! But come stay at the Regatta Inn where we do not allow any children under 12. Enjoy a peaceful beach getaway before it becomes too hot and humid in July to even want to go outside!!